Mavis Staples, The Capital of Love and Cardigans

I have two marvellous gigs coming up in the next few weeks by the sea and I am still reeling from the seeing one of my greatest inspirations, Mavis Staples.

First up, ANZAC Day sees us heading to Byron Bay’s The Rails.

Then on May 8, I will be joined by my guitarist Chris Bancroft and the very talented youngster Asha Jefferies supporting us at the Cardigan Bar.

But back to Mavis Staples. Oh my… Some of you may know that one of my day jobs is a high school teacher. The school I work at has a music and culture blog which I help run and edit. Well it also means that I contribute occasionally and I did so for the Mavis Staples gig. She continues to be groundbreaking to my ears and I am always inspired by her work. Her music is probably the greatest influence on my music the last 18 months or so. Anyway, have a read, it was fun to write:

And speaking of…