13 things people have said to me at gigs, 10 true

I was going to take a break the next few months but people kept ringing me up and saying “please, Jimi, please?” and looking at me with eyes as adorable as Percival the Possum.


So I caved and now I am doing the following:

May 29 – as duo with Chris @ Cardigan Bar with Asha Jefferies
June 6 – as duo with Chris supporting someone very, very cool Mojo Juju
June 13-14 – gonna be laying down the deep grooves with the band for my next release with super-producer Steve Robin
June 20 – Steam Train Blues as duo with Chris. This is quite the treat, a train journey from Roma St to the Glasshouse Mountains. The journey includes Chris and I and old mates Moondog, Ben Eaton from that bandThe Ben Eaton Trio, Jimmy Watts Band and Dick and Lola (Dick Desert and Lola the Vamp) and with another old mate Mojo Webb and band playing at the other end at the Glasshouse Mountains Tavern. 
Go here for more info and tickets: http://www.steamtrainblues.com.au/

So with that in mind, here are the top 13 things people have said to me at gigs. However, three of them are not true. If you can guess one of those three and are the first three people to email me at jimibeavisblues@gmail.com or put a comment on www.facebook.com/Jimi.Beavis, you win your choice of either my album Gentleman Giant on CD or my first two EPs on CD together – No Need To Deny It and Stripped.

The top 13 things people have said to me or my band at gigs:

1. “I like your hat.”
2. “Your harp playing is as good as Mick Jagger or Bob Dylan.”
3. “When’s Phil Emmanuel on?”
4. “What amp is that?”
5. “You can’t be old enough to know the blues.”
6. “Great gig. What jeans are those?”
7. Doesn’t say anything, just points at guitarist for a long time.
8. “We’re going back to Pete’s place. Do you want to come?”
9. “You fellas look like lawyers or something.”
10. “You should come up to Cairns.”
11. “Hey, can you play something from John Coltrane?”
12. “Hey, wanted to tell you but your G string was out all night.”
13. “You should teach your band how to dress.”

See you soon!