About To Drop…

People say “what is happening, man?” and I often wonder if they are being polite or wanting to know so I get to fixing them with a stare that opens up their insides and I see right down to their deepest desires. It is actually a little horrifying but at least I find out amongst all that lust and revenge and puppies is the truth and lately it has been wondering where my gigs at.

Well I have done a couple of shows with my man Paul Renton over two weekends as Renton Beavis where we do some songs we don’t often do with our bands and also get out to the country. I am back now and getting ready to drop a bomb… Music and a video clip and all sorts.

To hint at what I am saying here are photos (if you are on my FB then you will already know):


My bass player Costas may or may not be editing a video clip.







Possibly listening back to a masters for a single 7″ release.








Could very well be fixing my non-slide guitar so I can finish a song composition for the 2016 album.