Video Clips, Pythons, Butchers and Touring

I forgots to tell you about the whole video clip/tour shebang!

It might not come as a surprise but I am not a huge fan of old mate Tony Abbott. And the kind of things he does to the vulnerable people of this country and the environment and so forth.

As he began to gain popularity back a few years ago I collected a few of the sillier quotes he made and fashioned them into a song, which with the help of my band is Python Squeeze, Cobra Strike.

Then on the day after the election when he won office, I sat down and wrote this rather unsubtle lyric for The Butcher, which became a song with the help of my guitarist Chris Bancroft.

Thanks to my producer/engineer/mixer extraordinaire and master masterer Geoff McGahan, plus my band Chris, Costas Constantinou on bass, Scott Nosworthy on drums, Andrew Garton on baritone sax/horn arrangements and Lachlan McKenzie on trumpet.

Video Clip Details

Director – Jimi Beavis
Camera – Christie Favios
Editor – Costas Constantinou

Shot in Margate (Redcliffe), Fortitude Valley (Brisbane) and West End (Brisbane).

Chris Bancroft – Tony Abbott
Ishwor Gahatraj – Tony Abbott
Talulah Song – Tony Abbott

Advisers, nodders, dignitaries, politicians, plebeians, puppy wranglers, journalists, prop suppliers and flags: Ciana Wilson, Johnny Meyer, Geoff Wilson, Caity Knaggs, Jimi Beavis, Simon Munro, Doivid Clarke, Danny Wynne, Kate Walton, Steve Stevie Stevens, Han Choi, The Jade, Aya Goin, Rachel, and Pup Puppy.

7 inch release and touring
And so now we shall tour! Very close in fact… And I will have with me a limited edition  7 inch vinyl release and some t-shirts to go with it! Or you can just buy the shirts, the 7 inch or a digital copy online through Bandcamp. Also check the links below for the FB event pages and follow the links there for pre-sales tickets. Hope to see you soon!

Sept 18 @ The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba with Suicide Swans and Average Art Club
Sept 25 @ The Catfish, Melbourne with headlingers King Wolf and Koral
Sept 26 @ Billy Roy’s Blues Club, Bendigo with Rich Davies and Ayleen O’Hanlon
Sept 27 @ Labour In Vain, Melbourne
Oct 9 @ The Milk Factory, Brisbane with Suicide Swans and The Mighty Kind (PRE-GIG TIX ON SALE)
Oct 10 @ The Rails, Byron Bary
Oct 18 @ The Bison Bar, Nambour with The Hi-Boys (PRE-GIG TIX ON SALE)