INTRODUCING… New Jimi Beavis music via The AU Review

After many years of writing and a month of weekends in the last year, I finally have the album (Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs) ready and waiting. It does cover many topics, mostly a bit morbid. But I like to put them in sunny tunes. Here is the first one, about a refugee who is considered unworthy of residency and returned to his country, where he is hanged with his father as a traitor. Sadly, this does happen.

The AU Review music site was kind enough to premier the next release from the album. Here, have a list to “At Least Its Better Than Home”!


I originally wrote it in 2013 on my girlfriend’s rusty, tiny guitar as a honky tonk, which became a jump blues and eventually with additions from my guitarist Chris Bancroft it is now this!

Written by J. Beavis/C. Bancroft

Musicians: Jimi Beavis (vocals, BV, harmonica); Chris Bancroft (guitar, BV); Scott Nosworthy (drums, tambourine); Costas Constantinou (bass guitar); Andrew Garton (baritone sax, horn arrangements); Lachlan McKenzie (trumpet); Alex Price (tenor sax); Peta Wilson (piano); Steve Robin (handclaps, engineering, mixing, production); Geoff McGahan (mastering).

Recorded at The Barn Recording Studio, Plainland, Queensland, Australia in January, 2016.