Kissed Her Lips For The Last Time

Written by J. Beavis

Appears on “Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs” LP, 2016. Personnel: Jimi Beavis – vocals; Chris Bancroft – guitar; Costas Constantinou – bass guitar; Paul Renton – slide guitar. Steve Robin – drums and engineered/produced/mixed.

Brought her some water, the least I could do

And I held it to her lips, And kissed her for the last time

Love is sanctified it says - I must be patient and kind it says –

…but tell me how do you say good bye like this


And she held my hand. She held my hand and I kissed it

I kissed her lips for the last time. Oh for the last time


We met walking through the green – Her hair blowing in the wind

My rosary vows, The crucifix on my brow. I believed in the lord again

Later that night with a wine glass under the porch light

We talked til the sun came through the trees


And for the first time I did know that she was the holy sister And she took me in her arms and I kissed her

I kissed her lips for the first time. Oh, for the first time


When it came, took one in every hundred –  it had no mercy

Three of us, one guard, one slept,  one with a wet cloth and her misery

But no sister, no brother, no parents came to her and I know all because of me

The clock stopped ticking when the dam burst… they say it was the revolutionaries


Only once as she lay dying did she speak their names in anger

I told her,  everything I knew to take away the fever

But in the end all I could do was take her hand in mine

Held a glass of water to her lips and I kissed her for the last time