They Can’t Take Our Pride

Written by J. Beavis

Appears on “Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs ” LP, 2016. Personnel: Jimi Beavis – vocals, slide guitar; Chris Bancroft – guitar; Costas Constantinou – bass guitar; Scott Nosworthy – drums and percussion; Andrew Garton – horn arrangements, baritone saxophone; Lachlan McKenzie – trumpet; Alex Price – tenor saxophone; Peta Wilson – piano, organ. Chris Palmer and Kate Mackie – BV. Steve Robin – engineered/produced/mixed.

I met a woman, back in 0-5, she loved me true, first time in my life

She had the blackest hair, bluest eyes, we were crazy lovers, we laughed and we cried

I’ll never forget that night she smiled, said I’m gonna love you til the day I die


I was singing the blues, but the blues didn’t pay, we were just living in any old way

No money for night, no money for day – we had to fight to keep the taxman at bay

That’s when she told me – that she had a child on the way


I worked a factory, she a supermarket, wolves howled at our door while we choked on our bile

Sometimes I’d get home from gigs at a quarter to one, we’d hold each other til the daylight come

Hey, they can take our money, but they can’t take our pride


One month go and we’d have a little baby, she had to stop work for a while

We just tightened our belts, ate noodles, we lived life on the edge of a knife

They can take our food, but they can’t take our pride


I had to sell my house just to keep my car, our clothes fell apart so I sold my guitar

Now the landlord’s complaining bout our crying child, he pushed me once, well man that’s too far

You may take our house, but you can’t take our pride


We’ve got each other that’s all we need, we’ve got love, that’s all we need

We’ve got each other, that’s all we need, we’ve got love, that’s all we need

They can take our life, but they can’t take our pride!