About Jimi Beavis



Standing. Serious. In a carpark.

Jimi Beavis’ music is a sweaty palm on a hand raised in praise. Praise of the old greats of blues and roots and connected to a funny bone of a contemporary body of work that has only just begun. That hand clasps a rough brandy or a bitter long black coffee while the other hand clasps a harmonica tight.

The Gentleman Giant is from Brisbane, Australia and has little in common with the descendants of slaves with the exception of the music. While he is largely inspired by blues greats such as Robert Johnson and Little Walter he has taken detours to the funk and soul of the 1960s and 70s to the jazz and gutbucket blues that dangle their spidery legs through all genres, especially the eclecticism and biblical weirdry of contemporary musicians such as Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. These musicians have all influenced Jimi’s songwriting for his current show, although it is heavily steeped in the blues that dominates his 2013 album Gentleman Giant.

Jimi sings, plays harmonica, banjo and slide guitar. He likes to read, listen to vinyl, write and savour coffee.