This website premiered my new album and it is on the points

Hello friends, Tonedeaf have premiered my new album and it is all so very exciting! Very soon we launch it at The Bearded Lady in Brisbane’s West End (my home turf) and we have our friends Scotch & Cider and Dana Gehrman opening for us!

Anyway, please go to this URL and have a listen!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.28.02 PM


INTRODUCING… New Jimi Beavis music via The AU Review

After many years of writing and a month of weekends in the last year, I finally have the album (Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs) ready and waiting. It does cover many topics, mostly a bit morbid. But I like to put them in sunny tunes. Here is the first one, about a refugee who is considered unworthy of residency and returned to his country, where he is hanged with his father as a traitor. Sadly, this does happen.

The AU Review music site was kind enough to premier the next release from the album. Here, have a list to “At Least Its Better Than Home”!


I originally wrote it in 2013 on my girlfriend’s rusty, tiny guitar as a honky tonk, which became a jump blues and eventually with additions from my guitarist Chris Bancroft it is now this!

Written by J. Beavis/C. Bancroft

Musicians: Jimi Beavis (vocals, BV, harmonica); Chris Bancroft (guitar, BV); Scott Nosworthy (drums, tambourine); Costas Constantinou (bass guitar); Andrew Garton (baritone sax, horn arrangements); Lachlan McKenzie (trumpet); Alex Price (tenor sax); Peta Wilson (piano); Steve Robin (handclaps, engineering, mixing, production); Geoff McGahan (mastering).

Recorded at The Barn Recording Studio, Plainland, Queensland, Australia in January, 2016.