New live video and album news!

My band and I played and posed for this little live film recently in preparation for the album release in two months! This is Praise Him, recorded and filmed at The Barn Recording Studio where the album was recorded with my producer Steve Robin.

We also recently found out that my saxophone player Alex Price has a unique skill – knowing almost any post code of rural Queensland:


My second album Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs will be out in mid-June. Watch this space!

Easy Lovin’ Official Video Clip

The official video for Jimi Beavis’ “Easy Lovin” off his Gentleman Giant video clip. Shot at the laundrette on Hardgrave Road in West End, Brisbane.

Jimi – Jimi Beavis
Chris – Chris Sheriff
Beth – Anja Ali-Haapala

Camera – Christie Favios
Playback – Chris Nicolaou
Lighting – Eva Phillips
Editing – Costas Constantinou with Jimi Beavis
Direction – Jimi Beavis

“No Job, No Prospects” Official Video

Filmed in my lounge room in the famed Whynot Street residence in West End with much help from many, many friends. A one-take wonder, I had much fun eating cereal to a slow-mo version of my song and my bass player Costas Constantinou sped it up in post and made it look pretty. Thanks to Marianne Henriksen for help with filming, Janey Mac for getting lots of people organised for the shoot and being an off-camera “stage manager” telling people when to enter and Dick Desert for helping off camera as “stage manager” and for extra filming.

Found No Peace At All – Official Video

This was directed by myself with Talulah Song and filmed by myself, Talulah and Ocean Wilson. The lucky person breaking eggs and putting food on me is Pauline Maudy. As with all my videos I did the initial edit and then my bass player Costas Constantinou made it much, much better. This was filmed and edited and released in February/March, 2013.