Got No Hands, Got No Feet

Written by J. Beavis

Appears on “Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs” LP, 2016. Personnel: Jimi Beavis – vocals, harmonica; Chris Bancroft – guitar; Costas Constantinou – bass guitar; Steve Robin – drums and engineered/produced/mixed.

Ain’t got no hands, ain’t got no feet

Doing the nation shuffle down the street

Wake up at night with Remembrance Day screams

And I can’t wear poppies cos they make me sneeze


Everywhere I went carried a photo of my kids

I can’t look them in the eye and tell em what I did

I dreamed of being back in the footy stands

When I get there, can’t clap, cos I don’t have hands


I only wanted to make money as part of a team

But I can’t really tell you what that means

I only wanted to serve, do the righteous thing

But…  shame ways my eyes… I can’t look at the flag…

… And never again will I sing…